Since 1981 Editrice Lariologo has been making everything regarding Lake Como and its history known.


We specialize in publications for tourists. Our catalogue includes tourist guides in seven languages, a DVD about Lake Como, maps, wall and desk calendars, postcards and various types of greeting cards. We also offer tourists an original selection of souvenirs such as lovely watercolors, playing cards, bookmarks and coasters with scenes of the Lake. Copies of antique prints, vintage cards and books give our customers the opportunity to get to know the history behind one of Italy’s most evocative locations.


You can get to know our territory by playing and having fun learning. Among our Lario games we would like to highlight the famous “Gioco dell’Oca del Lago di Como” (Lake Como Snakes and Ladders), playing cards with scenes of the lake, “MemoLario” and a vast array of puzzles to entertain you as you assemble splendid pictures of enchanting landscapes of Lario.


Have you got a story set on Lake Como, a manuscript locked away, an idea for a novel set in our territory? Will it ever become a good book? Thanks to the experience gained over thirty years of work in the business, we are able to make a serious proposal. Send us your manuscript and it will be evaluated without any obligation and you will be offered the possibility of a high level publication placed beside those of the most noted authors in our catalogue.


We offer various advertising solutions to promote your business. It’s possible to personalise many of our products (calendars, etc…) to offer as gifts to your most valued clients. In addition, our graphic experts are able to produce any kind of flyer or catalogue.


The annual book fair, La Fiera del Libro, is an event that has been taking place in Como for over sixty-five years in Piazza Cavour. For over twenty years Editrice Lariologo has been present with our own stand where you can find all of our publications as well as a vast selection of books from the most important publishing houses, from illustrated books to the latest narratives.