Brochure “Leggere il Lario”

It is a guide of the city and of the Lario in four languages with photographs of the most important monuments in Como and of the resort areas surrounding the lake. It also contains a map of the city and a map of the lake.

It has been released every year in spring for over a quarter of a century and is distributed free of charge for the duration of the tourist season by the Tourism board and by the sponsors of the venture. Along with the photographs and tourist information there is the possibility to include advertising space of various sizes.

This opportunity is of particular interest to restaurants, hotels and shops that would like to present their services and products to the numerous tourists that flock the lake area every summer. If this type of exposure is what you need then let us know!


Brochure “Junior high school and beyond”

It is a school and work orientation guide for pupils in the terza media (14-year-olds) and those who have completed their compulsory education. Its objective is to give them a panoramic overview of high schools and professional institutions in the provinces of Como and Lecco.

For over twenty-five years it has been a point of reference both for the thousands of youths who must choose how to continue their education as well as the many schools that want to let students know what they have to offer within a system that is ever changing.

With this guide, schools, bookshops, stationery shops, etc., can advertise their services and products directly in the homes of pupils who have completed their compulsory studies.